Animal photographs

This captive sika deer lived on the moose farm in 2008-2016

A captive red deer fawn in Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, 1979, winter

A free ranging sika doe in Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve, 1976, winter

Fallow deer lived free in Klyasma Forest near Moscow, 1982, winter

A free ranging radio tagged sika doe in Elk Island near Moscow, 1982, early spring

A radio tagged roe deer before release, Amur Region, 1991, autumn

Sika deer in in Elk Island, 2003, summer

Goitred gazelle (Dzheyran) in Bukhara nursery, 1996, spring

A radio tagged dzheyran in Bukhara nursery before release, 1996, spring

A cheetah in Bukhara nursery, captive, 1996, spring

A fallow doe in Klyasma Forest, captive, 1979, spring

A young Siberian white crane (Sterkh) in Oksky Reserve, 1979, spring

A tame radio tagged fox cub in Oksky Reserve, 1986, summer

A European bison (Zubr) herd in Kaluzhskie Zaseky Reserve, 2008, autumn.
One of the animals is tagged with GPS+Thuraya satellite radio collar